The Throat Chakra

Affirmations:- I am open, clear & honest in my communication. I have a right to communicate my truth. I communicate my feelings with ease.

The Throat Chakra is generally associated with the colour light blue, but can also take on a silvery quality when well developed. This chakra is located between the depression of your neck and your voice box.

The function of the throat chakra is to allow us to express ourselves and communicate with the world. This chakra deals with our higher creativity, whereas the sacral chakra deals with our lower creativity.

Through the throat chakra is how we express how we feel and what we think. The throat chakra is what allows us to communicate all the characteristics of our lower and our higher chakras, such as our thoughts, ideas, what we perceive, our laughter, love, passion, happiness, anger and aggression.

Passion is invoked by the sacral chakra, (our lower creativity) and feeds into the throat chakra which activates our higher creativity which makes us want to sing, hum & moan. Through the throat chakra is how we express our innermost feelings and this allows us to understand ourselves better. Because depending on what we say will allow us to further explore ourselves. But because of this, alot of people tend to use the throat chakra as a defence mechanism to hide their true feelings. So they may intentionally express feelings that are the complete opposite of their true inner feelings.

For example, a person may communicate feelings of confidence in a certain situation, when really, they are scared. Also, they may overemphasise certain attributes of themselves to hide other attributes of themselves that they may lack. They do this as a defence mechanism as they may be insecure about that part of them, and it may hold some deep-seated emotions. But, because the throat chakras natural intention is to express our truest inner feelings when a person wants to hide their innermost feelings, a person has to work much harder to do so. So, even when they do this, is it still noticeable.

The throat chakra only has one language as it expresses itself through the emotions that are present in everyone. For example, a Japanese man could be in danger, and he could be shouting and screaming in the Japanese language, but even if you don’t speak the same language that he speaks, you will still be able to understand that he is in danger, as the throat chakra communicates the same feelings and emotions that you have. So you are able to interpret this regardless of the language.

The harmony of the throat chakra does not just depend on your ability for self-expression and communication but also is affected by your ability to listen. This is because you have to become silent and calm to be able to listen to your surroundings and inner voice and accurately interpret what’s being heard. This enables your throat chakra to better communicate what’s been learned.

The throat chakra can be linked to meditation, and the condition of the throat chakra can determine whether or not the person can meditate effectively or not. This is because meditation requires you to be silent and to listen to your inner voice and be able to transmit and interpret the information your receive to be able to further understand yourself and your mission in life.

From the throat chakra is where you get your so-called “introvert” and “extrovert” characteristic. An introvert is merely a person with a closed or blocked throat chakra, meaning that they are unable to express themselves through verbal communication. An extrovert is a person whose throat chakra is disharmonious and they don’t know how to, for want of a better term, “shut up”, meaning that they express themselves way too much.

Harmonious Throat Chakra

A person with a harmonious throat chakra can fully express themselves without fear. They don’t hide their true feelings and let them flow out when the time calls for them. This person will also be very honest with themselves and will be able to reveal their innermost feelings and strengths and weaknesses. This is because this person has been able to effectively communicate with their inner being, so they have a better understanding of their truest self. So, in other words, people with harmonious throat chakras speak the truth. A person with a harmonious throat chakra will also be a good listener. They can be silent and humble themselves to others and listen to what they have to offer. This in turn helps them in communication, as they can come across as more clear as they can be more silent and interpret the information coming from their inner being. This person will also have a good connection between their mind, body and spirit as they can be calm and understand the messages being sent to them, via their spirit.

A person with a harmonious throat chakra will speak with passion and intensity. Their voice will be full and will have a rhythmic tone that will make every word they speak flow well when strung together in sentences and will sound good to the ear. Also, this person is very true to themselves. They can convey their true feelings, so they will always say what they mean. For example, when this person says no, they mean no. Furthermore, because this person has a clear channel between their mind, body and spirit, they are very grounded and confident within their communication. Once this person gets going expressing themselves, they are not easily swayed in the opposite direction. This confidence allows them to express themselves and stand alone, even when everyone else is against them as they are free and liberated from self-doubt.

This person will also share their knowledge and wisdom with others freely without fear about how they will react or the opinions that they will have about them because they know as long as they have brought them the truth, it doesn’t matter what they think.

In addition, a person with a harmonious throat chakra will be free from prejudice and able to listen to anyone and not let their ego get in the way, because they know that everything and everyone has something to offer them, and if only they would stop and listen, they could take all the positive lessons about that situation and move forwards by adding it to their spirit.

Harmonious throat chakras are usually present in stand up comics, entertainers and musicians.

Dis-harmonious Throat Chakra

A person with a disharmonious throat chakra has difficulty expressing their truest and deepest feelings, and will often conceal their true emotions. They do this to protect themselves from realising their own insecurities and also to appease their ego. So, as a result, this person may come across as fake, as their words lack meaning because it’s not really how they feel. Also, these people don’t have real confidence in themselves, so they communicate false confidence and this can often be noticed in their actions and the way they communicate. So in other words, these people are liars.

Furthermore, because these people are unable to express their own feelings, they will often express the feelings of others. So they will talk about others. These are your people that gossip. But they don’t gossip because they are bad people, they do it because their throat chakras are disharmonious, where they have an urge to express themselves, but because they are unable to express their own feelings, they have to express and communicate the feelings of others.

In general, these people are loud and talk too much. These people don’t know what it means to be quiet as they have a constant need to express themselves, so they are not good listeners, and a good communicator is always a good listener. So because they are not good listeners, they are not able to quiet their minds and listen to their body and spirit, meaning they don’t have good communication with body and spirit. So, what happens is that when they receive an emotion, they are quick to express that emotion, instead of being silent and trying to understand that emotion. For example, when they angry, they are quick to vocalise it, and if they are sad, they are quick to vocalise it rather than pausing and going inside to find the root cause of how they feel. So in other words, these people can be explosive, and when they get emotional it’s not very pleasant to be around them as they won’t listen to you and will be constantly talking and expressing themselves. Because of this, they lose all forms of logic and reasoning. This results in them lashing out on you, and taking out their emotions on you, even though you may be trying to help them.

Because they lack a good connection with their mind, body and spirit, they don’t know themselves very well. They might think that they know themselves, but what they are expressing are falsehoods and false characteristics that actually belong to their true personality.

A person with a disharmonious throat chakra will often be able to articulate themselves well and speak in a rhythmic tone in a similar way to someone with a harmonious throat chakra, but, rather than use this for good and communicate honestly and their true intentions, they use this to deceive and manipulate people. This is often present in salesmen and womanisers, who say things they don’t actually mean for their own personal gain.

Closed Throat Chakra

For the person who has a closed throat chakra or blocked is unable to express themselves or any feelings for that matter. They keep all their feelings and emotions bottled up inside. The fear of rejection and public opinion hinders them and makes them hold back their true feelings. These people are very shy, quiet and withdrawn. They only speak when spoken to and conversations are very short. Also, their voice lacks intensity and maybe stuttery and self-expression is not very easy for them, so their expression often seems forced.

In some cases, someone with a close throat chakra may have once had a harmonious throat chakra, but then it may have got closed when they moved into a new environment, so they shut off all forms of communication as a defence mechanism and instead chooses to listen and gather information about their new surroundings. Also, you may come across someone who may seem as though they have a closed throat chakra as they are very quiet and withdrawn, but really, it is because they are surrounded by people who have disharmonious throat chakras and they are very loud and constantly talking, so in other words, they don’t listen. So this person may actually be expressing themselves, but it is drowned out by the loud and overwhelming self-expression of the people around them. So in comparison, it looks like this person is quiet and withdrawn. But, when this person is in an environment with people whose throat chakras are harmonious, they come out of their shell and begin to express themselves without hesitation.

As a person with a closed throat chakra struggles to express themselves through communication, they may, in turn, begin to express themselves in other ways such as art, music, storytelling and poetry. This helps them to relieve all of the emotions and feelings that they may have held back during everyday interaction. But because their main form of expression comes from other avenues such as art and music, these people would usually be very talented in those areas, but because they still have a fear of public opinion, they may still be afraid to show off their work, but when they do, it is a masterpiece.

When a persons throat chakra is closed up, it can often create a good listener as they spend the majority of their time in silence, so they are able to listen to their emotions and understand them so they will have their emotions in check. Also, this silence allows them to connect with their inner being and interpret the messages being sent to them, similar to a person with a harmonious heart chakra. But they are unable to express this through communication, so this will often show itself in their art and music. Their work will often be very intuitive and creative. But not only are they good listeners to themselves, but also good listeners to other people, so they make very good friends.

But the harmonisation of the throat chakra is an important one, and through this chakra, we are able to communicate and express the energy contained within all the other chakras.



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