The Third Eye Chakra

Affirmations:- I am in touch with my inner guidance. I listen to my deepest wisdom. I am wise, intuitive & connected with my inner guide.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the colour Indigo and deals with all senses, including extra-sensory perceptions. It is also associated with intellect, ego, memory and the lower/physical mind and it is located right between your eyebrows.

The function of the third eye is to give you a broader perception and access to higher levels of thinking. Through the third eye is how we see truths and discern them from lies. This chakra deals with self-realisation and self-authority which are both fundamental principles of Know Thyself. Depending on the level of consciousness someone has, will determine what this person can perceive and their mental capacity, and also through development, a person can make their third eye much sharper which will give this person a high level of thinking and perception that will surpass the people around them. So the things that person will be able to see, others will not, and it doesn’t matter what you say to them as they wont be able to see it, simply because they are not at that level.

Because what you see creates your reality, people with a developed third eye will be on a completely different frequency to everyone else as they will be in a different reality, because what they see, others cannot see, and they wont be able to bring another into their world because they literally wont be able to see what they see. That is like a horse without blinders on telling a horse with blinders on that there is a whole new world around them and a whole new experience. But the horse with blinders on will not believe the other horse because he simply cannot see it. And it is the same with people. Because their thrid eye is not as developed as yours, so their perception is very linear and straight forward, and because your perception and what you see creates your reality, these people live a very mundane life.

Not only does the third eye give you a deeper mental capacity, it also gives you a level of intuition, so your ideas are unorthodox and creative. Also, the third eye gives you higher spiritual awareness so your dreams become more vivid and deep. You may also gain extra-sensory perceptions such as being able to see auras and other phenomenon that operate outside the scope of ordinary perception. But all of these tools mean nothing if your able to understand exactly what it is that you are seeing. The knowledge and higher wisdom that you bring down from the crown chakra is synthesised by the third eye and it breaks it down so that way it can be understood by your level of consciousness. The crown chakra and the third eye chakra go hand in hand in terms of development.

Your perceptions and the things you perceive are heavily influenced by your lower chakras. For example, your emotions and your feelings play an important role in what you can see, so if your emotions are not in check, this clouds your judgement and your ability to analyse a situation, and this analytical ability is based upon the development and mental capacity of your third eye. So your emotions and your feelings have a clear impact on your third eye and that is why it is important not to let your emotions get the better of you.

So it is good to stay calm with a clear head, and this is precisely why meditation is good for the third eye as it teaches you to be calm and focussed, which are desired attribute if you want to call on the abilities of the third eye.

Harmonious Third Eye Chakra

A person with a harmonious third eye chakra has an urge to seek the truth. They are gravitated towards to truth and know deep within themselves that there is more to life than what it seems, and they tend to find the answer. These people are your real truth seekers. Basically, if you are reading this right now, you will more than likely have somewhat of a harmonious third eye. This person will also have access to all the abilities mentioned above, such as higher mental capacity, strong intuition and possibly, extra-sensory perception.

This person will also be very humble and grounded, because in order for them to have a harmonious third eye, they would have had to master the lower levels of the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. This person will also be very sharp and have a keen eye, so it will be very difficult to “pull the wool” over this persons eyes.

The down side to this, is that a person whose third eye is fully open will not have many friends, because there will be very few people who are operating on the same intellectual wavelength to be able to connect with them. This person will also be very knowledgable as they would have to have a certain level of knowledge to know what they are perceiving. Someone with a harmonious third eye chakra will have a higher level of intuition and a higher level of thinking, so the ideas that they come up with are unorthodox and out of the ordinary as their thoughts and the things that they perceive are coming a place that are free from the shackles of mundane thinking.

An awakened third gives this person a real ability to de-code their reality. They can decode their dreams. They see life through new eyes and see the things that they come into contact with as synchronistic and they are able to understand that there are no coincidences within this matrix, and that everything happens for a reason. So for example, if something happens in their lives, they are able to break it down and understand the steps it took for this to take place and know exactly why this needed to happen. But this person is only able to do this after they reach a higher level of consciousness and fully awaken the third eye. Once you reach this level, you truly understand what it means to be living in the digital world.

This person will also be very calm and settled as you would have to be in order to decode your reality, and gain clarity in your thoughts, so that way you can access the abilities that the third eye has to offer. But the possibilities of a fully awakened third eye are boundless! The abilities that one can gain differ from person to person. But one thing I can say for sure is that, once you awake your third eye, your level of consciousness would have transcended the constraints of this physical world and the only thing that will be limiting you, would be your own imagination.

Dis-harmonious Third Eye

Someone with a disharmonious third eye does have higher mental capabilities, but their mind is stuck in the rational level of thinking. They will only be able to accept things as real that can be rationally analysed. They will be able to think outside of the box, but their perception is limited to the material realm. Everything that is outside of the material realm, they will refuse to believe or acknowledge its existence. They may even have some extra-sensory capabilities, but they won’t believe their eyes and will often write it off as an illusion, or some type of trickery and they will try to rationalise what they are seeing and find a logical answer rather than accept that there is more to life than just the material. This means that this person will find hard to trust in their intuition.

Someone who has a disharmonious third eye wont have much knowledge of the spirit realm or any higher realm above the physical. So they may have access to extra-sensory perception, but they wont be able to tell that what they are perceiving is actually outside the material realm. So they might think that what they are seeing is normal, instead of understanding that it is a gift that they have.

On the other hand, someone with a disharmonious third eye chakra may have knowledge of the spiritual and higher realms, but their mind will be stuck in religion. Everything that happens spiritually, or supernatural, they will often attribute this to some other entity, rather than give the credit to themselves. So these people will be very confused and it will be very difficult to convince them otherwise.

If the root chakra is also disharmonious this will affect the harmony of the third eye, as that is the chakra that keeps us grounded and stable. So now, if this person has access to extra-sensory perception, they wont fully understand what they are perceiving and may even fear it. So as a result they will attribute their extra-sensory perception to just being part of their wild imagination. And because the grounding energy of the root chakra will be disrupted along with other chakras such as the solar plexus chakra, the extra-sensory perception of the third eye will become overwhelming for them, and they may even have a mental breakdown, and wont be able to discern from truth and falsehood. They wont know whats real anymore, because their minds and their intellect will be telling them one thing, but society will be telling them another, and wont know who to trust, so they end up living their lives in turmoil and distress.

Blocked or Closed Third Eye Chakra

A person with a blocked or closed third eye chakra will not be able to perceive anything outside of the physical realm. They will reject anything that suggests otherwise. Their consciousness is contained within a box and cannot think beyond the confines of that box. And over time, they have become comfortable with that box, and they may  even result to attacking anyone who even tries to suggests a reality that will pull them outside the comfort zone of that box. Their thinking is very straightforwards and linear. They are easily fooled and will pretty much believe anything that is told to them by the powers that be.

This person will not think before they act and their thoughts will most likely be dominated by their lower chakras. Their thoughts will be very cloudy and they tend to be confused. Some of their thoughts may not even be their own, but because they are confused, they think they are their own and act accordingly.

People with a closed third eye will also have strong desires for things they don’t need, and will often justify their usage with flawed logic and will convince themselves that this desire is necessary for a logical reason rather than an emotional one. These people will often struggle in situations that call for their mental capacity as their minds will be clouded with emotions. So they cannot think logically. It is near impossible to wake up someone with a closed third eye as they are very closed-minded and trying to make them believe the truth is like trying to show a blind man a beautiful picture. He wont be able to because he literally cant see.


Alot of conscious people think that just by showing people with closed third eyes the information and the truth will be enough to wake them up, but is not the case because they are blind, so they literally cannot see what you are seeing. So, the only real way for these people to wake up and see the truth, is for them to balance their lower chakras and master their true nature. Balancing the chakras can be done together, but the mastering of ones true nature can only be done by ourselves.









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