The solar plexus chakra

Affirmations:- I Love and accept myself. I stand up for myself. 
I choose the best for myself.

The Solar Plexus chakra is located near the sternum where the rib cage meets at the center of your chest and is associated with the colour yellow. Over time it can develop into a golden colour.

The solar plexus chakra deals with your emotions will power and self-assertion. Your ability to assert yourself will depend on the harmony of this chakra. It controls leadership and how dominant a person it.

This chakra is the center of your true personality. It controls your likes and dislikes. Its where we get our initiative, courage and enthusiasm from. It is also where we get our self-discipline from, self-restraint, and self-control from.

This is the chakra we base our relationships off. So depending on how we feel in our solar plexus chakra, will determine what kind of people we attract into our lives and the things we attract as well. The solar plexus chakra controls your desires and your ability to WILL them into existence. Because your solar plexus chakra deals with self-assertion and willing your desires into existence, it is heavily influenced by the ego as this is its main driving force. The health of a persons ego will determine the harmony of this chakra.

The solar plexus is very receptive to other peoples energies, and because this chakra deals with desires and personality, it shows you how other peoples personalities can rub off on each other. It’s very receptive to other peoples negative energy and will warn you about it by making your stomach feel uneasy.

The solar plexus is an important center of prana/life force/Universal Energy as it hosts a complex network of etheric connections which transmit these vital life force energies throughout the entire body and because of this, the solar plexus is the main storage barrel for universal energy.

For a person whose consciousness primarily revolves around the solar plexus chakra, they will be in an awakened state and start to question their reality and be more open to truth and will ask questions about a subject instead of just rejecting it.

Harmonious Solar Plexus Chakra

For the person with a harmonious solar plexus chakra, they will be very self-assertive and dominant. These are our natural leaders. They are very courageous and able to use their initiative. They don’t just follow the book or follow instructions given to them by another person, they will just use it as a guideline to make their own decisions and choices. These people are not only able to lead themselves, they are also able to lead and make decisions for others if necessary. A harmonious solar plexus chakra will see a person have strong will power and be able to meet goals and get what they desire. They are very determined and don’t back down very easily, even if the odds are stacked against them.

They have alot of self-control and self-discipline and will know when they have done something wrong without being told. This person will have a strong sense of self and will know what is, and what isn’t part of their true character.

When it comes to emotions, a person with a harmonious solar plexus chakra will be very content with themselves and have their emotions in check. They will have a very healthy ego and not feel the need to show off or impress anyone. They are satisfied with themselves and happy with who they are.

Disharmonious Solar Plexus Chakra

A person with a disharmonious solar plexus chakra will be too assertive and dominant and always want to lead and are very reluctant to let anybody else lead. These people are your control freaks. They like to rule with an iron fist. They are able to show elements of courage and can use initiative, but they are heavily influenced by their ego. They can be very cocky and arrogant.

A disharmonious solar plexus chakra may see a person take their initiative to the extreme and feel like they don’t need to listen to anyone else or take advice from anyone else as they think they know it all. They do, however, have strong will power and strong determination and will be able to manifest their desires. Their desires will be very ego oriented as they have alot of pride. This will power that they possess will be misdirected and they will want to manifest desires that will make them feel better about themselves or increase their value in the eyes of others.

These people have a strong sense of self, but it is influenced by the ego, and they may over exaggerate parts of their personality and believe themselves to be ‘the best’, but this may not be the case.

Furthermore, a person with a disharmonious solar plexus chakra will be able to express forms of emotions, but their emotions contain a lot of negativity and may contain some problems in controlling their anger and may get easily frustrated. Because of this, they may lack self-control and often succumb to their desires as their desires are governed by their ego, so their ego may often get the better of them. This may see them doing things that are not in line with their true character and will be done simply to justify their ego.

Their negative emotions and a huge ego will hinder their ability for logical thinking and will cloud their judgement so they may misinterpret some of the most obvious forms of evidence.

Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

A person with a blocked solar plexus chakra will lack assertiveness and dominance. They will show alot of cowardly traits and will not be able to use initiative and take the lead. They are born followers and don’t know what it means to be their own leader. They will often gravitate to people who give them good advice and follow this person and let this person make decisions for them.

They won’t have much will power or determination and will often fall short of their goals. These people tend to quit when the going gets tough. Typically, a person with a blocked solar plexus chakra will start many things, but won’t finish them. They won’t have a very healthy ego and will be very insecure and have low self-esteem. These people don’t know themselves very well and can be easily manipulated.

They have a lack of self-worth so they will try to increase their value in the eyes of others by seeking material things, seeking recognitions from others and just by knowing others recognise their existence makes them feel better. These people are your attentions seekers, and in some cases will go to extreme lengths just to get people to notice them. They will go anything just to get people to focus on them, even if only for a few minutes.

They will often conform to the norms of society and will do things that go against their true personality. For example, this person may play the bad boy/girl.. or the thug.. but really, they are a good boy/girl at the core of their being. They do this as an attempt to seek approval from their peers, as they lack the inner strength to be their own person, and say “no” to conformity.

A person with a blocked solar plexus chakra will not be in control of their emotions and they will often get the better of them. They will often have difficulty in expressing their emotions as their emotions may hold alot of trauma so in order for them not to revisit the past trauma, they will reject the emotion that is associated with it.

A person with a closed solar plexus chakra will have a lot of suppressed emotions that they are trying to run away from. In order to cope, they keep themselves busy with either work, activities or hobbies and may seem like they constantly have something going on, and they do this as a sort of distraction, so they don’t have to face or come to terms with their emotions. Eventually, though, all of this emotional energy that has been suppressed will have to be let out, and this person may end up having an emotional breakdown.

It may only take the slightest thing to set them off, but the massive emotional response you get from them will be due to the level and amount of unresolved emotional baggage. The time will come when this person will have to sit down with themselves and try to get to the root of the problem, rather than continuing to cover it up.


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