The Universal Energy Field

What is Energy Healing..?

Energy Healing is a therapeutic art of channelling Universal Energy through the human energy field. The channelling of this energy promotes health, balance and relaxation. It is when we are relaxed that our innate, natural healing abilities can truly begin to work. So by working with an energy therapist, you are not only receiving universal energy but are also tapping into and activating your own healing potential.

‘Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.’  – Hippocrates
How does Energy Healing work..?

Everything is energy (as discussed “here”). Energy therapy uses focused healing energy to clear energetic blocks that accumulate in our energy bodies, hindering the natural flow of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. When this energy is unable to flow, just like water, it can become stagnant. When water doesn’t flow and becomes stagnant, it begins to become dirty and unusable. It is the same with energy. When this energy becomes blocked and unable to flow, we begin to experience the undesirable, and if it is left for too long, it begins to coagulate, which promotes the manifestation of physical dis-ease. So, by clearing, opening and balancing the flow of energy in and around the body, we promote clarity, vitality and create the optimum conditions for a healthier body.

“Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being, and it is your body’s natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine. This medicine, this energy medicine, feeds body and soul, and attending to it restores your natural vitality. Energy medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at its best.”
– Donna Eden with David Feinstein in Energy Medicine for Women

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