The Sacral Chakra

Affirmations:- I Love and enjoy my body. I have healthy boundaries. I allow myself to experience pleasure.

The Sacral Chakra is located in the sacrum, close to the coccyx, the upper part of your pubic hair. It is associated with the colour orange.

This chakra deals with our lower creativity. Its related to seeking pleasures, experiencing sensations such as sexual pleasure and other activities such as food, art, music and entertainment.

This center also deals with addictions. Its the chakra that makes us attracted to the opposite sex, and has alot to say about our sexual desires. Its where we get our passion and vitality from.

The harmony of this chakra will determine the health of a persons ego and how they feel about themselves in relation to others. A person whose consciousness mainly revolves around the sacral chakra will be in a dream like state, and will basically live in a dream world. Dream house, dream car, dream job etc and will take the various necessary step to make that dream a reality.

The sacral chakra is very powerful and holds alot of power, because sexual energy is very powerful. The idea behing celibacy is to keep hold of this energy and transmute it upwards to serve our higher functions and raise our level of consciousness.

Harmonious Sacral Chakra

A person with a harmonious sacral chakra will be passionate and creative, joyful and playful, will have a healthy ego and feel good about themselves. They will seek pleasurable experiences and when experienced, benefit from them spiritually and physcially.

Sex means more to these people. They wony partake in it just for pleasure, but for making love and pro-creation and starting a family. These people will be able to gain more pleasure from their activities and be able to be satisfied and experience more sensations from the smaller things in life. It will look like to others that they are having more fun, which can lead to jealousy in others. Someone who sees someone having fun effortlessly may feel envy due to an imbalance in theirs.

Someone with a harmonious sacral chakra will just want to and probably will just join in the fun. These people are naturally charismatic and funny, and naturally attract alot of people. People want to be around them as they gain pleasure and fun just be being around them.

Dis-Harmonious Sacral Chakra

The life of a person with a dis-harmonious sacral chakra will revolve around pleasurable experiences, and will gravitate towards things that look good, taste good, sounds good and feel good. They will seek these things without taking into consideration what these things may be doing to their bodies and their minds. These people are prone to addictions, and if they are addicted to something, they will find it very difficult to break the habit whilst the chakra is in dis-harmony.

Due to an apparent obsession in the seeking of pleasures, these people will often find it difficult to be satisfied with what they already have. These people are quite able to have fun, but in general, they will take it over board and to the extreme. This may show itself as them appearing quite able to “have a laugh”, but may come with a distorted sense of humour, like laughing at the expense of somebody else. A dis-harmonious sacral chakra will see a person regularly comparing themselves with other people. Rather than feeling satisfied with what they have, they will feel like they are missing something.

When it comes to sex, the person with the dis-harmonious sacral chakra will enter into sexual relationships without being tied to them emotionally. This is because, sex, to them, will just be for pleasure.

Blocked Sacral Chakra

A person with a blocked sacral chakra will have a lack of creativity and playfulness. They may be very dull and boring, as they lack the vitality and passion, and may not know what it means to have fun. They may not feel too good about themselves and may feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

A blocked sacral chakra may be the result of a alot of supressed sexual feelings and impulses. It may stem from not knowing how to express these desires effectively. This sometimes leads to strong sexual desires and unusual sexual fantasies. When the times comes around where they are able to express these desires, they may be considered extreme.

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