The Heart Chakra

Affirmations:- I am open to Love. I am wanted, and loved. I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude.

The Heart Chakra is associated with the colour green, with pink in the middle. When this chakra is fully developed, it becomes inveloped in a golden aura. The location of this chakra is the center of your chest, in the middle of the sternum.

The function of the heart chakra is to allow you to empathise and sympathise with others through love and affection. This chakra is the seat of your darkest and deepest feelings, so this is where hate can manifest. 

The heart chakra is the centre of the entire chakra system and connects the energies of the three lower chakras to the three higher chakras, so this is where all our hardships and struggles of life are stored. The heart chakra is where true strength lies, so the development of the heart chakra will determine how strong a person really is.

The heart chakra allows us to see beauty in the subtleties of nature and people. It breeds consciousness as it allows us to empathise with others, which makes us want to do something about it. But in order to do something about it, we must first find out why this is happening and how can we change it. This is where a persons consciousness comes from because you care about others and whats happening in the world. 

The harmony of this chakra will determing how conscious a person is. The reason why some of the people around you are unconscious is because they are vibrating primarily on the three lower chakras, so all they care about and are focused on is the physcial, and themselves. Their consciousness doesnt rise to the level of the heart, and instead remain focused and consumed by the matters of the physical world.

When we are vibrating from the heart chakra, sex becomes more meaningful and you are able to reach a deeper level of intimacy and make a deeper connection with your partner. As a result, you being to make love, instead of just having sex. 

This is our maing chakra, and the harmony of this chakra is the most important of all. It is the centre chakra and has a massive influence over the remaining 6 major chakras.

Harmonious Heart Chakra

When this chakra is harmonious, they will be full of love and affection. They will radiate beauty and compassion from their being. It is easy to bond with these people and become easily attached to them. Because these people have alot of love, they have an opportunity for healing, not only themselves, but also others and the Earth itself. A person with a harmonious heart chakra creates a loving anf harmonious environment for the people around them which would offer peace and comfort to anyone who comes into this environment. But there are some exceptions of people coming from a loving environment but still have so much hate. This is because of alot of past life, unresolved trauma. 

A person with a harmonious heart chakra will have a strong desire to help other people and cannot stand to see people suffer as they strongly empathise with others and feel their pain, right at the core of their being. Also, this person will do things for people without asking for anything in return, because it is just knowing that they are doing the right thing is all this person needs. This person will also be very strong and centered and will be able to withstand more of what ‘the matrix’ throws at them. 

This person will have a huge amount of love for the subtleties of life such as being in nature, observing the animals and playing with their children. Also, because of this, the heart chakra is  linked to the 3rd eye chakra, because the 3rd eye chakra deals with your perceptions. So when you consider the subtleties of nature, this fine tunes and develops your overal perception which will help you to be able to perceive the bigger picture of life.

Dis-harmonious Heart Chakra

A person with a disharmonious heart chakra has alot of love to give, but are unsure about how to express their love. So they may throw out their love to someone who may give them hate in return, and it is a cycle of love and hate. They tolerate this because they dont know what it means to be loved. They see this persons hate as a form of affection, when any normal person would not tolerate this and would cut that person off from their love. Also, this person will go to extreme lengths and will shower someone in gifts in a desperate attempt to get this person to love them as they have lost sight of the true meaning of love, and think that the love of someone is something that can be bought.

This person will also secretly expect something in return for all their acts of kindness and feel dissapointed when they dont receive anything, sadened when they have not been acknowledged or appreciated for the things they have done. Furthermore, they will have difficulty saying no to people as they dont want to hurt the other person. So this person will go along with the majority of what people ask of them, even when they dont feel way, so they may come across as a push over, and people will often end up taking advantage of them. 

On the other hand, a person with a disharmonious heart chakra has no problem showing love and affection, but when it is time for them to receive love, they will reject it and act as if its not necessary. They may even show  slight embaressment when met with the affections of others, as soft and tenderness feels awkward to them. They also develop very strong attachments to people they come into contact with, and find it difficult to let things go. They tend to store alot of sadness and grief in their heart chakra, and can often hold grudges and unresolved issues for a long period of time. Also, because they develop such strong attachments with people, they will often get offended or hurt when the person they are attached to doesnt share the same feelings as them, thus storing more grief in their heart chakra.

A person with a disharmonious heart chakra is very  easily offended and takes alot of things to heart. If they are caught in a bad situation they take it very personally and will often play the vicitim. This person also finds it very difficult to relax and they feel like it is a crime for them to treat themselves and have fun. 

Blocked Heart Chakra

A person whose heart chakra is blocked are unable to give their love to others. They hold back and surpress their feelings. And when someone calls for their love and affection, they are nowhere to be found. They distance themselves from situations that may tug on their heart strings to order to avoid having to feel any sympathy or empathy as this stems from a fear of rejection, as there was a time when they gave out there love, and it was rejected, and they never received back the affections they wanted, and this deeply hurt them. So in order to avoid being hurt again, they hold back their love and close off any forms of affection. Also this person my come across as cold or heartless, this is because they want to shut off any parts of their love that may seep out as a defence mechanism, so that way, they wont be rejected again. 

in some cases, a person with a close heart chakra will have alot of hate in their heart and they will express that hate to the people they come into contact with and say that they’re the problem, but really the problem lies within themselves. The hate they hate for themselves also manifests in their relationships and will attract hateful relationships, and be in a constant state of depression.


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